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A trusted name in skincare for more than 50 years

Ambi® Skincare

Scientifically Proven for Skin of Color

AMBI® has been a trusted name in skincare for more than 50 years. The brand has always catered to the skincare needs of Women of Color — with cleansers and moisturizers formulated to provide smooth, even-toned, flawless-looking skin. The AMBI® brand is best known for its dermatologist-recommended fade creams, which help fade dark spots and skin discolorations to restore natural, healthy- looking skin tone.

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What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin that can results from skin injury (including acne), over exposure to the sun, inflammation, genetics, hormonal imbalance and the use of some medications. It is caused by an over production of melanin by the melanocyte cells within our bodies.

All AMBI Enterprises products are cruelty-free